Monday, January 2, 2017

Water out the kazoo

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Another post in the water sub series in the main off the grid series of posts.

Seems like all I do anymore...

Anyway, I keep improving my system for handling water.  Now I can wash my dishes with about a pint of water a day.  Not only that, I can get the water quality up to better in terms of TDS than what is coming out the faucet.  How 'bout dat?  But it isn't good water because it has remnants of soap in the water, which is hard to get out with filtration.  So, an idea struck me to use an acid to make it precipitate out of the water.  The acid could be as simple as carbonated water.  If that works, it may make the water run clear, and it will have a pretty low TDS ( total dissolved solids ) number.

If it works, I can treat the bathtub water the same way.  Then, the system may be said to be complete.

How 'bout dat?


Too good to be true.  Decision is to distill this type of water.

Ran another distillation test on the dishwater sample.  Yield was poor, quality fair, but little waste.  It is considered to be poor yield in terms of energy required for the amount of water.  But water losses during the test run were quite limited.  Very pleased with that.

Bottom line is that this method of distillation is too energy intensive.  Must use solar still.

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