Saturday, December 26, 2015

Rolling coffin

It's been awhile since I've written about my move out to west Texas.  With my increasing infirmities, I'm beginning to think that it may not be a good move after all.  As of this time, however, the move is still on.

One thing about the trailer, which I have already purchased, is that I wanted it to be tall enough inside so that I can stand in it.  However, that may create some problems in my plans.  The idea now may be to make it shorter so that I won't be able to stand up in it.  That said, it is somewhat reluctant of me to want to do this, because I don't like stooping inside the van.

But what purpose is the trailer, but to sleep in?  So, you don't need to stand up in order to sleep, but for to take a shower.  This isn't necessary either, as a shower can be set up so that you can do it sitting down.

The buildings on the property will be tall enough to stand up in.  When I'm on the go, it won't be possible to stand up.  Given the fact that I want to use the car for Uber, then I will need something to live in while in town.  This means the trailer.  This also means that the car will have to be stored in town while I drive back and forth between the property and town.  I can save money living in the trailer, but have to spend a little to have a storage space for the car.

It may be possible to do all that without busting the budget.

A shorter trailer then, is a possibility.  Also, a possibility to save money by making it myself.  Not to mention, I don't like the idea of towing a large trailer over those dirt roads out there.

When I discussed this trailer with my eldest brother ( number one ), he said this type of trailer is "rickety".  So, this was a bit discouraging for awhile until I came up with the idea to use cotter pins to hold the thing together.  Why not?  The only thing holding your front wheels on your car is a cotter pin.  That may bother some folks, but a tiny little piece of metal is the only thing that separates you from disaster.  If that cotter pin fails, the wheel falls off.  This is true, so it would also be true for holding that trailer together so that it will be more robust than what number one says.

If it has a lower profile, it will be easier to see around.  That important for driving around a lot.

For the actual building, the thought occurred to me to use a thin metal skin.  Actually, that isn't a new thought, as the idea of using metal has already occurred to me.  On this iteration of the idea, which may not be too different from the last, is to use the metal as a skin over the plywood and wood frame.

Another plus for the shorter profile is that it will be easier to climate control.  It gets closer to being the "coffin" that I described earlier.  The less cubic feet, the less energy it takes to keep it comfortable inside.  Call it the "rolling coffin".


Once again, I get the idea to use some of my stuff in the apartment for my RV van conversion.  The bedroom chest can fit snugly into the van.  I was thinking of cutting out a hole and placing a sink in it.  One 5 gallon bucket for fresh water, and one for grey water that collect the water going down the drink.  A mirror can be placed above it.  Plenty of room for one.  Not really a bad idea, especially if I am going to make the sleeping quarters in the trailer.


This entire concept may have to be shelved.  Too much expense.  Too much trouble.  It may be better to try something else.

This post will go in the construction subseries of the off-the-grid main series of posts.

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