Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Ann Barnhardt might be right

Not that I agree with her "axiom" about any political candidate who runs for office is already unfit for that office.  Nope.  What convinces me that the nation is done is by reading what the rank and file have to say.  And by checking closely at their voting habits.

It's going to be mighty hard to change those habits and attitudes, let me tell you.  If 9.11 couldn't do it, then it probably can't be done.

In other words, the nation could still be turned around, but we require some sort of national sea change in attitudes.  That's not happening.  If anything, the thing just seems to be worse than ever.

I'm still going to favor Trump.  But I'm not going to kid myself about it.  Rubio may poll better, but his word is useless.  They call Trump a liar, but Rubio is far worse when it comes to immigration.  I checked it out.

They are all overplaying the "vulgarity" thing.  It's just an excuse.  If Bill Clinton can hold the White House for eight years, then claiming their prudishness was hurt doesn't fly with me.

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