Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas

Not exactly a tradition on this blog.  As a matter of fact, there was just one year in which I didn't do a "Merry Christmas" post, and it was in 2011.  All other years, there was one post devoted to Christmas.

Christmas was a big deal to my Dad.  Not in the religious sense, but in the gift giving sense.  He thought it was important to celebrate it that way.  Something about that bothered me, though.  Maybe there has always been this questioning side to me.  If I had asked why we do this, I might not get an adequate answer.  "Just because" isn't good enough for yours truly.  You didn't "sass" my Dad, either.  If he said something, you'd better do it.

You'd think the old man was strict, but not at all.  It was an amazing amount of freedom that we had as kids.  It is curious why I am not more adventurous, because I'm not.  Maybe it is a matter of temperament.

But contemplating that move out West is a bit bold.  Maybe bold isn't the word.  Maybe reckless.  Sometimes, I can get rash.

I know how Charlie Brown felt when he asked what is Christmas all about.

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