Friday, December 25, 2015

Christie: Clinton Should Suspend Campaign After ISIS Comments



Christie is criticizing Hillary's statement that seems to ignore the realities of the situation.

As for the Christie campaign, he is probably not going to win, unless he can win over the Establishment types.  In order to do that, he must support amnesty.  It's all about getting cheap immigrant labor and for the Democrats, getting their votes.

But Christie claims he won 22 percent of the black vote and more than that:

“I won the Hispanic vote – won it – 51 percent of the Hispanic vote in New Jersey; 22 percent of the African-American vote, up from 9 percent four years earlier, and 57 percent of the female vote against an 18-year female state senator. In the end, if you walk away from today with nothing else just remember this: I know how to win

Truly, this is something to consider.  I know, I know.  He helped Obama win in 2012.  I criticized him a lot for that.  Nevertheless, Christie is worth a closer look, according to what he says here and plugging in those numbers at the 538 site bears it out.


Conservatives seem to have a problem with Christie.  There are a few things that worry me about him, but overall, he'd be a whole lot better than Hillary.  If the choice was between him and Hillary, I'd definitely vote for him.

If I had a scorecard right now, I'd say he doesn't rank high with me, but he scores better than Bush and maybe even Rubio.  Kasich doesn't score well at all.  I don't take Paul seriously.  At this point, it's bifurcated with: Trump, Cruz, Carson, Christie, and Rubio with the adults.  Kasich, Bush, Paul and the others can go to the kiddies' table.

Overall, I'm not confident for the GOP nominee to win in the general.  If winning was the only thing, Christie and Rubio would be at the top.  Rubio is not trustworthy, or he'd be higher.

Trump has to grow as a candidate, and time is running short.

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