Saturday, December 24, 2016

straw man

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Another post in the water sub series in the main off the grid series of posts.

An experiment with straws and coffee filters may have yielded a good way to filter water.  Good for my purposes, that is.

I took some rather dirty water and managed to get it much cleaner.  Still not clean enough for the distiller, though.

The water I used was even dirtier prior to this treatment.   I used a bottle of dishwater that had been sitting around for awhile.  Heavier particles had sunk to the bottom, lighter materials settled on the top.  I rigged up a straw with suction squeeze ball thingy to take the cleaner water in the middle.

The straws were then stuffed with the coffee filter paper.  It is rather slow to filter, though.  I suppose I can make a lot of straws to speed up the filtering.

Perhaps a combination of paper and activated charcoal in the straw could yield even better water.

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