Friday, February 12, 2016

The Taj Mahal of Carports

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This post will go into the construction subseries of the off-the-grid main series of posts.

Got the idea this morning of skipping the idea of building a shack, and just build the carport.  This isn't a new idea, but the old idea won't work.  The hard taskmaster of reality has caused me to understand this.  It may well be that a more suitable living structure may be desired than having a carport in which an RV is parked.  At the moment, however, it may well have to do the job.

The idea has always been to do it for the least amount of money.  But it seems I may have overdone that a bit.  The main thing is that it has to work.  If it doesn't work, it is just wasted money ( and time).

I wrote that my solar carport wouldn't be the "Taj Mahal" of carports.  But it looks like the Taj Mahal may be necessary.

Let me briefly describe this new plan:

It will consist of a 12x20x7 foot metal carport that will be fully enclosed with a rollup door.  The cost should run into a few thousand dollars.  I will park the RV under the carport, which will shield it from the elements.  This should make it much more comfortable to live in during the hot months as well as the cold ones.
A flash just came to me.  If you put two of these, side-by-side, that would be 480 square foot of space.  Not only that, it would give the opportunity to collect up to 300 gallons of water for every inch of rainfall.

I could store whatever I wanted in the carports, provided that they are closed up.  Maybe one would be closed up, the other would be open.


The shack is back in.  I am going to go all out.  Shack, RV, Carport, and yes, maybe even a frigging septic tank.  The thought here is that this has got to work, and these will assure that it will.

This requires more thinking, so changes could still be made.


Yeah, still thinking about this.  Permits required?  I think permits suck, and I don't want to fool with permits.

If there's any chance I need a permit for something like this, then no deal.

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