Thursday, February 11, 2016

The reports of the death of this blog have been greatly exagerrated

Hello, again.  As may have been figured, I went out to the property over the last few days.  It wasn't a pretty sight, I'm sorry to say.  The shack I built got shredded by the wind.  Lots of work right there.

Off to plan B.  Looks like I can get something built out there for less than 2k bucks.  I am thinking that one over for awhile, and if it is a go, work will commence in less than a month.  Meanwhile, other plans have been devised so that I can make the move out to El Paso so that I can monitor the situation better.  It cannot be done here in Houston.

In the next week or so, I'm going to have to decide whether to poop or get off the pot.  I haven't gone this far in order to quit now, so most likely, I'm going to make the move within a couple months.  Unless something happens to change my mind.  Things are always happening, so there you are.


Back again to make a few more comments.

While I was out there, I did a few things that I resolved to do.  One was to use the dolly to scrape dirt off a little at a time.  I was hoping to do this in order to dig out a shallow trench in which I can collect rainwater.

The results were that I could do it this way, but it would take a long time in order to get very deep.  I worked it down a couple inches, I estimate.  Proof of concept could be said to be successful.

Secondly, I looked for the last pin that marks off all the boundaries.  This is what I've been doing all day is to look at what I did out there.  It seems I was all around it, yet I couldn't see it.  Next time I try this, I think I'll find it.

Finally, I didn't plan on fixing anything if I found that the shack needed repairs.  It is so badly damaged as to be useless except for salvage.  However, it is still basically the way I found it.  No way to take the pieces apart as I took no tools out there.

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