Friday, February 12, 2016

Limbaugh endorsement of Cruz

Limbaugh has been on my fecal roster for some time now.  The Cruz endorsement shows that Limbaugh is just a money grubber.

Limbaugh likes to talk about how he loved Reagan, but I think not.  Limbaugh claims Reagan was an ideologue, but Reagan did not trust ideology.  That is how Reagan was able to get Democrats to vote for him.  Without these, he could not have won.

Cruz is not Reagan, he is Goldwater.  If Cruz gets the nomination, he will lose.

Trump can win, but he is no Reagan either.   The trouble with Trump is that he is erratic.  He is no sure winner, but Cruz is definitely not going to win the general unless he gets paired against Sanders.

Limbaugh has to endorse Cruz in order to maintain his credibility.  That is so his little radio show can continue.  He knows that too.  It is not about truth, because if it were, he would have to admit that Cruz cannot win.  Cruz is no Reagan and Limbaugh knows it.  His money is more important than the truth.

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