Monday, January 23, 2017

Glutton for punishment

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Another post in the water sub series in the main off the grid series of posts.

Just  to be sure that it is the rubber degradation that is fouling up the distillate, I made another run.  This time I was meticulous in cleaning up the apparatus.  A lot of gunk was removed, and fairly clean water was used.  However, the leftover water from the distillation ( the water in the tea kettle at the end of the run) was very dirty, and there was still a rubbery smell to the distillate.  The final result was not perfect, but it can be better.

That was the last run with the rubber near, or on the kettle.

The dehumidifier has collected a gallon and a half so far.  Not exactly a lot, but it is mostly indoors, so it isn't optimized.

Practice makes perfect, it has been said.  Will work on getting there, even though it can be frustrating at times.


This may be more appropriately posted In the power subseries, I will mention it here.  Plumbing was an issue in  getting the passive solar heater together,  and I report that I have made some progress.  It should have been completed today, but I goofed again.  Need some more parts, and then it may be ready.

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