Monday, January 23, 2017

Death in the family

My brother in law has passed away.  It was on early Sunday morning, or so I recollect hearing.  He lived near Houston with my eldest sibling, my sister.

Names aren't mentioned here, as I respect privacy.  I use my own name by choice.  I do not impose my choice on others without permission.

A question has arisen as to what to do with the body.

This one hits close to home because I may be on the way out soon, myself.

I was going to write to Ann Barnhardt and see what she thinks.  But then, I could look it up myself.  You can find anything on the internet.  Here's what I found.

Barnhardt is Catholic.  I'm not Catholic or anything else at this time.  I do like to read the Gospel of John, who was close to Jesus Christ Himself.  What I have read there convinces me that some of what the Catholics teach is correct.  However, there does appear to be a problem in that church, and that is another matter not to be discussed here in this post.  I respect what she says, and like to read her stuff.  But I am not so sure that this church is the only way to go, especially these days.

I was leaning towards cremation, but something about that bothers me.  It is too much like Hell!

Clearly, bodies cannot be allowed to stack up, as the human race is now numbering over seven billion souls.

It seems to be one of those "good questions".  A good question isn't answered easily.

Since I am a "space cadet", the idea of launching a body into space struck me.  Still too costly.  Besides, you don't want human bodies floating around up there.  Perhaps a mausoleum on the moon?  Still very costly.  Also, to send the bodies into the Sun would be costly as well.  The same fate as would happen with Earthly cremation would befall the body.  Only more dramatic as the Sun would vaporize anything that fell upon its surface.

That would bring us back to traditional treatments.  One thing I hate though, is the commercialization of every damned thing.  The cost of funerals is re-damned-diculous.

It is as bad as our so-called health care system.

Oh, my!  It never seems to end.

The Malta Treatment may be the answer.  But somehow, I suspect that somebody in politics would say you can't do that.  Or somebody in the church would say you can't do that.

It's cremation or getting screwed by the funeral service types.  A typical cremation isn't as expensive, or so I think.  Another one to look up on the web: and here it is.   Still seems rather pricey, though.

Money is always a problem.  Even when you die.

One can always put off that decision, but eventually you run out of time.  My time may be nearly up, so I had better decide soon.  But I can't.  However, I will before it is too late, and others will be forced to decide.

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