Thursday, January 26, 2017

Fabrication aggravation

This one won't go into the off-the-grid series of posts.  This is decidedly trial and error, mostly error.  The thing I am trying to do now is to fabricate an interface between the tea kettle and the tubing, which won't leak, nor will it degrade under heat and pressure of the steam. 

The last iteration of the device included an automotive heater hose from the kettle to the tubing.  It degrades under the aforesaid conditions, and fouls up the results and every darned thing else.

I am cleaning up the parts again, plus making the mentioned upgrades.  However, the upgrades are leaking.  It is necessary to keep working at it until the thing can be ready for another run.


I may have something that won't leak , but may leak at the end where the kettle connects to it.  I haven't tested it yet, since it required more work, and now that work is completed.  If this part leaks, then I will have to make another  If the fabricated part doesn't leak, then I need to make a gasket of some kind so that the two pieces can be joined together, and then I will have something.


Finished fabrication.   If it works, then the next run can take place.  If that happens, and all goes well, I could be "in business".


Did a run.  No leaks, but still not getting clean water.  It does look like contamination of the remaining water is no longer taking place.  The dirty water must be coming from somewhere else, but where?

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