Thursday, January 26, 2017

Funeral today

Perhaps I should attend, but I am not going.  It is a long way over and a long way back.  That last trip to Houston took a lot out of me.

Hopefully my absence will not cause a problem.  I suppose I could show up.  However, I have decided to follow other priorities.  My regrets are genuine.

I liked my brother in law.  He was good natured and was hard to dislike, if you were so inclined.  He gave no reason to me to be so inclined, and I am not.  He was pretty good to my sister.  He and my sister raised two fine young men ( not quite so young now ).  He liked to work and felt pretty badly at the end when he couldn't do it anymore. 

Time will have its way with us all.  I think I can say he led a good life.  I hope the same could be said of me when it is all over.


It's over now.  All went well, so I have heard.  His appearance was good for the viewing.

He had a conventional service, for want of a better description.

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