Thursday, March 24, 2016

If you are Pro Family, You don't vote for Trump

American Thinker

The criticism is that Trump just isn't Pro Family enough.  Ergo, don't vote for Trump.


This may be considered as a reasonable criticism.  But I think that it is just a sophisticated anti Trump argument.

True enough that Trump may go too far with some of the things he says and does, but does that mean we must choose Hillary instead?  Isn't there more important things on our plate than this?

I look at Trump the way that Lincoln looked at Grant.  Lincoln was asked about Grant's alleged drinking problems and Lincoln replied that he couldn't spare the man.  Lincoln wasn't about to sack Grant for his alleged drinking even if the stories were true.  To emphasize that, Lincoln said that even if the stories were true, he'd find out what Grant was drinking and give it to all of his Generals.

That's because Grant would FIGHT.  The very existence of the nation was on the line, and Grant would FIGHT and even WIN his battles.  Lincoln was finding that these kind of generals were hard to find.  A drinking problem didn't rank higher in priority than in finding a man who would confront the enemy and defeat him.  For the others, they thought his drinking was the important thing.

I think Trump may be indispensable because he fights and he can win.  These guys won't.

That is all.

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