Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Terrorism 101: Simple is working

American Thinker

The simplest techniques are the ones that work the best, according to this article.  Article is written by a decorated CIA officer.


If simple techniques work, maybe complex cures will not.

A wall sounds pretty simple.  Humans have been building these for thousands of years. 

Yep, "simple works."

The Meadows Theory suggests that "simple" won't be tried.   Instead, the most complex, costly and least likely to work tactics will be employed instead.


I have corrected a number of typos in this short piece.  This new computer is not very easy to use, unfortunately.

That doesn't excuse poor proofreading.  Excuse my sloppiness.


Amazing, just amazing.  Here is a guy who points out that simple works, and people who supposedly read it ( see comments ) are advocating war.  War is not simple.  War requires the total attention of the state and its people.  Simple measures like a wall are much cheaper and will work.  But no, we can't do that because it oversimplifies the problem.


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