Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Common sense can't win with some people

It strikes me as amazing that when a thing like Brussels happens, a man says something that is just plain old common sense, and there are people who are ready to pitch a fit.

You got Trump saying just common sense things, like ban the Muslims' invasion, and waterboard them for information that will stop future attacks, and this guy says no, you can't do that.

If you ban the Muslims, then they cannot do this kind of thing in your country.  Isn't that a irrefutable fact?  I ask, yes or no, will this stop the attacks in one's country?  If they aren't here, then how do they make the attacks?

If they do get in anyway, then if you waterboard them, that's how find out how to stop them.  A one two punch will put an end this.  We were doing that once upon a time, but guess who stopped that?

I suppose that all we are allowed to do is just to shut up and let them run things even though they are running everything right into the ground.

By the way, this guy's main concern seems to be with the politics of it, not with the security of the nation.  Obviously, what they are doing isn't working.  I would think in a political season that this is fair game.

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