Friday, March 25, 2016

Basic concepts

One question that arises from time to time on this blog is the question of what it is all about.  It has changed over time, as I continue the quest into what has gone wrong.

I've changed the blog to reflect new understandings as I have come across them.

It is now time to start summarizing some of these ideas into some basic concepts.

How do I do this?  It may take a bit of research to get it all, but that last post can be a start.

A preliminary list:

  • Artificial scarcity
  • The truth is a slippery thing
  • Being right isn't enough
  • If you can't take a joke...
This is rather short.  Nobody will believe it unless  I make a longer list.  But nobody needs this list anyway because you people already know it.  Hence the header at the top of the blog page--- about the quest being into the known.  None of this is esoteric.  None of this is complicated.  None of this is hard.  But it may as well be rocket science.  You can't get anyone to accept it and put the principles into practice.  If we did, our problems would be converted from mountains into molehills.


Ideology can make you stupid.  Perfect example is the GOP.

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