Thursday, March 24, 2016

Keyboard warrior

The idea for this post has been floating in my head for the last few days.  Since I haven't posted anything today, why not start now?

It is easier to write something than to say it to somebody's face.  It is lot safer to deliver an insult in the safety of one's home.  Lots easier to be brave when there is no real risk.

I am pretty hard on some folks because of their lack of action.  Don't recall if I ever called anybody cowards, but I know I have insulted groups of people here before.  Probably more than a few times on this blog.  Yet, I want to keep that to a minimum.

This is a blanket apology for any of those times.

One group I know I insulted is the so called conservatives.  Not that they don't deserve criticism.  Only that I may have gone too far with some of what I said.

I don't want anything from the conservatives.  The only thing I'd like to see from them is a bit more forcefulness in their approach.  Interesting how they focus in on those who'd rather be on their side, but pull their  punches when going after Democrats.

While saying that here, I don't want to be the keyboard warrior.  No sirree.  I won't kid anybody here about my capabilities.  All I wanted to do here is to help.  Don't want to fight world war three on the keyboard.

Last night I was in a rage.  At least I didn't give vent to it.  Now was as good a time as anybody to swear off the keyboard warrior routine.

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