Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Western Civilization really is dying---Not kidding ya'll

That last post sums it up.  When common sense is rejected, when the things that work are rejected in favor of the things that don't, then you are on the way out.  Maybe pretty soon, too.

Look, I've looked at a lot of things here on this blog that I thought could help.  Very little interest.  What gives with that?

Nope, something else is wrong, so here is a theory ( not an axiom):  Call it the Meadows Theory.  The Meadows Theory posits that for any commonplace situation, problem, or difficulty; that the most straightforward solution will be rejected, and the one that is the least likely to work, and costs the most money will be put into practice instead.  The final result is that the problem never gets solved.  The diagnosis is one of a dysfunctional, failing society that is on the way out.

Either we find a cure for this or we are done.  Plain and simple.

There are way more problems than international terrorism, by the way.  A war won't solve this problem.  It isn't outside of us.  It is within us.  But I've already said it.  Crickets greeted it, as usual.

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