Tuesday, March 22, 2016

AIPAC speeches

Trump and Cruz speeches will be commented upon, as Kasich is not mathematically in the race.

Trump's speech was presidential. 

Cruz's speech was more political.

Cruz does not leave a good feeling.   I cannot put my finger on it, but I am not left with a pleasant feeling when listening and watching him.  Let's just say that Trump looks better, sounds better.  Trump seems more authentic.  Cruz seems to pander to Israel.  Trump seems supportive, like a friend.

So, why the bad reputation for Trump?  It is being engineered in order to stop him from getting the nomination.  A lot of what is happening can characterized as like a food fight.  It is a distraction from the issues.  Speeches like this are more informative about what the policies of the respective candidates will be.  You'd think that you would get that from a debate, but the debates are not conducted that way.  The debates are conducted so as to keep the food fights going.  As a result, you don't really get an accurate reading on the candidates.

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