Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Some honesty is required

My support for Trump has always been qualified.  I will freely admit that there are worries about the man.

However, I am inclined to be forgiving of these.  That is, until something happens that convinces me that the problems are too severe to be forgiven any further.

Trump ain't perfect.  He is a bit too loose with his tongue.  That seems like a fault that can be overlooked for the time being.  It bears watching.  Maybe some day he will go too far.  But that would be hard.  Words are just words.  But not always.  One should exercise care in what one says and does.

The trouble with his opponents is that they take it too far.  I am of the firm opinion that they are not being fair to the man.  Nor accurate.  Their criticisms are not likely to be heeded because they are unjust.  They are only adding to the problem, if a problem truly exists.

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