Sunday, March 20, 2016

Could these be the "good old days"?

There is this persistent belief that once upon a time, all men were virtuous, and by contrast, today's men are knaves at best.

While generally speaking, I hold that the general moral condition of this society has declined in my lifetime, maybe by a whole lot, I only have to consult history to see that our generation is hardly uniquely evil.

If you go back into time to the time when the Founding Fathers were still alive, there were plenty of bad hombres out there in this here country.  One of them, Aaron Burr, killed one of the Founding Fathers in a duel.

From what I read, Aaron Burr was not that nice of a guy.  Yet, he was a mere heartbeat away from the Presidency.

So much for the alleged purity of our ancestors.

In addition, a lot of history in this here state has been whitewashed.  A lot of the Texan revolutionaries were hardly any better than Burr, and there are those who were probably worse.

Not to speak badly of Texan independence.  I am proud of my state.  Just saying to be realistic about human nature.  It is the same as always.  It may ebb and flow in terms of its evil, but we are fundamentally a fallen creature if you really believe in the theology of Christianity.

Otherwise, what the hell would you be talking about when you talk about morality?

In my opinion, we are living in a fortunate time.  Be we could be living in an unfortunate time too.  It may not be clear at the time in which is living as to which one may be the more dominant theme.

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