Thursday, March 24, 2016

I thought this guy was conservative, silly me

You may notice, if you come here often, that I took down the link to the Ace of Spades blog.

As mentioned in the previous post in the Keyboard Warrior genre, I could get into a flame war with this guy over Trump.

If I did, it would be for things like in this post of his.

In it, he says a number of things, which might even be a reasonable criticism of Trump, but then he says if Trump won, that would actually vote for Hillary.


Trump may or may not be a bad guy, but we know what the Clintons are.

A true conservative would  NEVER vote for Clinton.  EVER.   My mistake to think this guy was conservative.  I don't know what he is, but he ain't no conservative.

As for Trump, I have already given my opinion.  He says too much.  He lets himself get into these food fights, when he should avoid them.  As a result, he is letting his enemies define him as a guy who cannot do anything but get into food fights.

If anything can defeat Trump at this point, it is probably that.

Nothing personal.  No keyboard warrior fights.  Just taking down the link.  That's all.


No, there's more.  But I can't prove it.   I suspect that Ace wrote something about going MUSLIM because the MUSLIMS will fight.  He was expressing the frustration that so many on the grassroots side have for these Establishment characters in DC.  I may not have come down hard on it, so maybe the link isn't there and I didn't comment upon it at all.  Or it can be obscure and hard to find.  If you've got over 10k posts, some of them may be too hard to find.

What I did find is that Ace, or those on Ace, have expressed the same kind of sentiments that they are now criticizing in Donald Trump.  That is, he's too aggressive.  That one may be provable.

I don't think this is Keyboard Warriorism, just the facts ma'am.

If I look hard enough for it, I may be able to find it.

At the very least, they bear some responsibility for what they are now criticizing.  Thought that somebody out there might be interested.

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