Sunday, March 20, 2016

Brief comparison of Trump and Cruz websites

Generally speaking, they are both conservative.  I challenge anybody to go to the Trump site and select anything there and quote it to the effect that it isn't conservative.  In contrast, Cruz is conservative to the bone, and that is the difference.  He is much more detailed.

I find no fault with either, but realistically, who will win the election?

There are those who claim that Cruz is more electable.  Do those people really want to put forth the proposition that the majority of the people of this country agree with what Cruz has on his website?

Critics will say that Cruz is extreme.  I have not heard anybody yet say that Trump is extreme.

Bottom line:  Cruz is more conservative, sure, but Trump is not liberal on the basis of what is on their websites.

An honest debate would be the one who could be more convincing in terms of electability.

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