Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Nobody gets it

That's right.  It might as well be the type of problem that only an Einstein can figure out.

These people are making a big deal out of what Trump said about Obama's trip to Cuba.

It seems like everybody is either obtuse, or they are willfully ignoring the point.

Obama isn't going to get anything constructive done that is in the interests of the United States.  Cuba needs something from us.  If we are going to talk to them, shouldn't the president act in a way that will give the best chance of achieving that?  That was Trump's point.

Instead of that, they go off in a rant about how Trump didn't talk about the other things that they felt he should talk about.

After maybe 50 years of Castro, what has the current policy achieved?  Yet, they cling to it.

I'm not saying that we should ignore everything that Castro has done.  But if we are going to talk to them, shouldn't we get something from them in return?  Like free elections maybe?

These people are missing the point.

What does Cuba have that we want?  I dunno.  Maybe we ought to let them rot.  But we have the goodies, and they want some of that.   I would call that an opportunity to negotiate.

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