Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Nuclear option

Seems like there's this story going around that the GOP bigwigs are going to take away the nomination from Trump no matter what he does in the remaining primaries and caucuses.

To me, this looks like desperation, but I wouldn't count it out.  They would prefer to lose this election, and the all the elections from henceforth, than allow Trump to become president.  That is, if they were to pull this stunt.

I can't speak for anyone else, but I wouldn't forgive it.  Maybe they think their time will come again, and that they can wait out the fallout. 

If Trump wins the majority of the delegates, and then they pull this stunt, then what happens next?

Trump won't be able to get on the ballot most likely.  It will be too late.

So, it looks to me like if Trump really wants to be president, he will have to keep doing what he's doing, and hope that this is a bluff.

A third party run is a loser.  In order to have a chance at that, a lot of groundwork must be done in advance.  It's not likely to happen in so short of a time frame as what is left.

In other words, he can't win that way.  The only way he can win and the GOP can win is to treat him fairly.  But the GOP may not care about winning.  If they do this, they may not ever win again.

Before I posted this, I had just read something that looks insane to me.  That's why you cannot count out these wackos.  They just might do it.

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