Thursday, July 12, 2018

Ann Coulter on...

Kavanaugh nomination


That's exactly why the left is so hysterical about the Supreme Court. They run to the courts to win their most unpopular policy ideas, gift-wrapped and handed to them as "constitutional rights."

It's not about democracy, as Coulter rightly points out.  It is about left wing tyranny through the unelected courts.   Now they'll complain about unelected courts when the elections don't go their way, and an unfriendly court faces them.  But this is okay as long as the results are what they want.

Indeed, Kavanaugh will be a hero to them if he turns into a Souter.  An unfriendly court has faced conservatives for the longest time.  Now that it may be turning friendly to conservatives, the liberals are up in arms.

No truth in these people.  It's all about them and what they want.  Never about the principles of a matter.  Certainly not about the Constitution.

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