Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Supreme Court pick

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Not Thapar, it is Kavanaugh.   So, Trump went straight down the line on what he said he would do.

You may hate him, but he does what he says.  Some are saying "Gorsuch 2.0".  Shall we have two more of the same?  Might happen.

The original post follows:

The main thing is to avoid a Souter type pick.

I would think Trump could follow a safe approach and take somebody who has an extensive record.

Also, Trump has said that favors an Ivy Leaguer.

After surveying the top contenders, according to the Heritage Foundation, there is one that seems to stand out, plus another that may be a surprise pick.

Those two are Kavanaugh and Thapar, respectively.

Kavanaugh is the only Ivy Leaguer in that list.  But Thapar went to Boston College, so that may be seen as close enough.  ( some may laugh at that one )

Kavanaugh has a lot of experience.  This makes him predictable.  So does Thapar.  An interesting situation may arise in confirmation that may make it difficult to block Thapar.  He is South Asian.  Yes, that is racial politics, but that is the way things are today.

Ann Coulter is pulling for Kavanaugh.  Not everybody likes Coulter or Kavanaugh.

Maybe we should look for the surprise pick, then.  It could be Thapar.

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