Saturday, January 2, 2016

Computer housekeeping

You probably wouldn't guess it if I didn't mention it.  I have a computer science degree.

Yep, didn't do me much good.  

My computer skills may not be any better than anyone else's.

Computers have a rapid obsolesence quality about them.  What you know today won't necessarily help you tomorrow.  What I learned in the seventies isn't much good now.

Anyway, I spent some of my time today fixing the netbook.  More RAM is now available.  There ought to be a way to get it ALL back, but I won't make the effort.  There may not be much life left in it anyhow.

This post is being written on my tablet.  I am thing of dropping the conventional internet and going all wireless.  I've done that before.  It constrains you, as you have to keep track of your data usage, and be careful not to incur additional costs.  The tablet uses wireless.

The desktop needs updating.  What a pain that is.

All the old computers are gone.  These three are what I have now, plus a couple smart phones.  I am wondering if I can use the old smartphone for something.  It has a better camera than the new one.

Once I get out on the property out West, blog posts may just be links to videos.  A heads up for you, in case you are interested.

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