Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Weird day

Seems like I am busy , but nothing is getting done.

Okay, let's go over what I have done.

Currently, I am typing in this post using my tablet.  I fixed up a stand, so that the "screen" can lean back, like a laptop.  It isn't in my lap, because that doesn't work.  What does work is to put it on a flat surface, and then type.  Still hunt and peck, which slows down my typing.

Prior to this, I updated my desktop, which I seldom use.  I need to use it, obviously.

I deleted a few files on my old youtube account.  I may use that channel again, by the way.

While fooling around with my youtube account, I found my old friend's channel and posted a video here.

Which gets me back to how I started today: thinking about arrangements out west.  This has not been resolved.  I need to figure out something soon:  stay here or move.  The odds are that I will stay here.  But if I feel confident enough, I will move.   That's unlikely, maybe a 10 percent chance.

Oh, almost forgot.  Dick Morris has some videos up that make it look like Hillary won't be the nominee for POTUS.

Now, I'll post this thing and get on the next thing.

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