Sunday, April 2, 2017

Plain and simple sedition

DNC chair claims Trump not elected.

Let's see if we can parse this.  Either we have the rule of law or not.  If so, there are fifty states and the District of Columbia.  Each certifies its election results and submits them to Congress.  The electoral votes are counted, according to law, and the result is finally certified.  This procedure yielded Donald Trump, who was sworn in as the nation's president.  All legal and upfront well established for over two hundred years.

The Democrats want to overturn the election, evidently.  There is no precedent for this in American history.  Even when the Southern states seceded, they did not dispute that Lincoln won.

But the South did secede and Lincoln had the authority to restore the union by force, which he did.

You'd think these guys would know better than to continue down the path they are going.  If they continue, there will be civil discord on a magnitude not seen in many years.  Perhaps not seen since the sixties.  There may well be bloodshed.  It may take that to restore order.

You don't know which way it will all go, but I would bet that people would not support what Perez and the rest of the Dems are trying to pull off.

Either they are bluffing, or they are not.  I say call their bluff, and let the chips fall where they may.

Either we have the rule of law, or the rule of the mob.  You will have to choose.


People might be comforted by the RNC chair response, but I consider it to be weak.  Time to read them the riot act.

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