Monday, April 3, 2017

Can you sell ice to an Eskimo?

These people believe they can.  If you believe everything you read on the internet and see on the news, you could be made to believe anything.

Or you can take a deep breath and relax.  Not that you shouldn't care, or give up the fight.  To the contrary, you can fight even harder.

These people point at polls, but who conducts the polls, and who asks the questions?  If the main point of the poll is to influence people, then you can tell what is being done is being done toward that purpose--- to influence you.  So, you see a poll, then you might get discouraged and give up.  That would be a mistake.

All the polls said that Trump would lose.  That didn't happen.

But I wouldn't want to discount polls completely.  However, polls aren't everything they're cracked up to be.

You hear a lot about truth these days.  Who is telling it, and how do you know?  A lot of people don't seem to even ask that question.

The media didn't tell the truth about Obama, and still isn't.  Obama did indeed surveil this president.  His administration did indeed try to undermine and subvert it before it took office.  To believe otherwise would be to swallow this fraud being perpetrated today.  Nothing happened in that administration without Obama's approval.  There is a long litany of misdeeds that went undisclosed and unreported.  Now we are to believe these people?  Count me out.

If these liars pull this one off, you will never hear the truth again.  For they may be all about truth now, but if they stay in power, you can bet that truth will not be on their list of priorities. 

And that is the truth about these people.  You can put that one in the bank.

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