Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Flipping around the dial and came across the Senate debate on the Gorsuch nomination.  When John McCain was talking, I had the volume down.  Kinda wished that I didn't, as I would have liked to have heard what he said.  It would give a clue as to what his intentions were.  If McCain votes for the nuclear option, ( if it comes into play) then that would be significant.  He was one of the ones who opposed the nuclear option with respect to Bush's nominees that were filibustered back then.

Senator Cardin from Maryland is speaking now.  I listened for awhile, then he started in on some negative stuff, and that pretty much pegs him.  No need to listen further.

The Gorsuch nomination is a big deal.  Consider what would be the case today if Bork had been confirmed.  Instead of Bork, we got Kennedy, and along with that, homosexual marriage.

Kennedy laid the groundwork for the decision.  Without Kennedy, no homosexual marriages today.

But wait....

Bork died during Obama's term in 2012.  We may have had a liberal court these past four years.  Funny about that.  Considering that Obama wanted gun control, we may well have had an adverse decision on that by now.

Moral: Once you get into the what if's, you start to get into the weeds.  But the fact remains that this is a big deal.  What happens in the future is anybody's guess.

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