Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Rise and shine, 4.5.17

Feel a bit perky this morning.  Well, not really.  It is better than what it has been, so there's an improvement of sorts.

Not necessarily from the treatments at the center, though.  I had  lot of gas, so the doc prescribed some gas-x and it works.  Thank goodness for that.

Aside from what goes on here, the bigger picture gives reason for confidence.  The left has been caught in a lie again, and are hard at work trying to spin their way out of it.  Reminds me of the passage in Huck Finn, where the "King" and the "Duke" were in a jam when they were caught in a lie.  Huck noted how the King wouldn't give it up even then, and would tell even bigger lies.  In fact, so big that he might have fallen for them himself if he didn't know better.

I have written several times that I try to think in terms of principles.  What is the principle here?  Stick with the truth.  This may require a lot of faith and courage sometimes, because the liars seem to get the better of it a lot.  But the only way a liar wins is if you give up.  If you keep the faith, you will always win with the truth.  This is true because; down at the bottom, human beings are moral creatures.  If you can show a liar for what he is, you can beat him like a drum.

I truly believe that is what is happening to the left these days.  They have become so attached to the liar's way that it has made them easier to beat.  Their lies are losing force because they are becoming so transparent.  Even a six year old can see through them.  They aren't even good liars anymore!

Great days when that happens.  Better days could be ahead.

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