Thursday, April 6, 2017

Stupid party outdoes itself

In a matchup between the party of the stupid, which is the Dems, and the Stupid party, which is the GOP, I think the GOP loses.  Why?  There are plenty of stupid people, and the Dems know how to get their votes.  The Stupid party just blunders their way into the Dems wheelhouse, and can lose just by being foolish and just plain stupid.

This business about Obamacare is dumber than dumb.  For one thing, I know that Obamacare is not insurance.  I wrote that myself on this very blog.  But if the Stupid party gets its way, a case like mine leaves me out of luck.  This despite the fact that my case is a one in a million occurrence and can be easily insured.

Unless the miscalled Freedom Caucus can definitely show that cases like mine will definitely be covered, I cannot in good conscience support their efforts.  In fact, I must denounce their efforts as nothing but sheer money grubbing greed.  They are making a "yuge" mistake.

I will never support the Dems, because I think they are evil.  But the GOP cannot rule like this and expect to succeed.  Single payer health care is all but inevitable, thanks to stupidity like this.

I cannot support them, this miscalled Freedom Caucus.

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