Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Democrats do not care about preserving the filibuster

The loss of this is probably not a good sign.  I am assuming that the GOP will exercise the so-called nuclear option.

The Dems are framing this as a minority rights issue.  This is misleading, as it is commonly understood that minorities mean non-white folks.  Minorities in the Senate mean something different.  It is meant in the political context as one who is not in the majority opinion.  This has little to do with skin color or national origin.  Conflating the two uses of the same word shows that this is a political argument, not a judicial one.

So, it is a political strategy to keep their constituents in a state of rage.  First, by claiming that Hillary should be president because she got more votes; and now this.  Note that this has little to do with the nominee himself.  It has to be framed in other ways that have little to do with anything relevant with the rule of law.

The GOP tried to play it conservatively when they refused to do this during Bush's tenure, but the Dems are going to force them to go nuclear now because they hope to gain an advantage from it.

Of course there is a lot at stake here, policy wise.  However, if the Dems are successful in this strategy, the GOP victory will be short-lived.  You can bet that there will be payback.


Sure enough, Minority Leader Schumer waxed eloquently over the loss of the filibuster.  The Dems want to be "compensated" for the treatment towards their guy, What-his-name.  If they don't get it, they will just add up the score for the payback when they get their next chance.

The GOP could run up the score, but if they don't get the knockout blow, there will be payback.

Nevertheless, the GOP should not go wobbly.  The Dems can say "no fair" all they like.  But since the New Deal, the direction has been leftward.  The GOP should use the power while they have it.


One more thing, and I'll leave it alone.  If they Dems didn't filibuster this nominee, the filibuster would not be nuked.  It would still exist.  Therefore, for the next nominee, it could still be used.  For whatever reason, they want to use it now, on this nominee.

You can believe that it is principle, or you can believe that it is just politics.  Frankly, if it were principle, they would suffer a political price for it.  I really think they expect to gain politically from this.

Just read their blogs and see that for yourself.

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