Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Home again, home again... 2.17.16

It was a longer day than I anticipated.  Business dried up about 9 am, so I went home.  But I had to go back because it was not enough.  The second time did the trick, so I am back just in time to call it a day.

I must be slowing down a lot.  It seemed like a lot of hours, but it was not really.  Must have put in about eight today.   The ususal thing is about ten.  I could work more, but why?  More money is a good enough reason.

My thinking may be coming around to the notion that I stay here another year.  I really hate that, but there is too many unknowns in moving out, and not enough wiggle room.

Still want to get the cabin built and so forth.

I have not decided anything.

It burns me to pay all that money for rent.  A decision is going to need to be made soon.

Stay or go?

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