Friday, February 19, 2016

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Habitat for Humanity

Obviously, this is for El Paso area.  Most likely, they would not want to help me.  All I can do is ask.

You might wonder why I, as a conservative, would even consider this outfit as a way to get help towards completing my project.  Is there any other option?  Who else would consider doing this?  It is also quite possible that they would not want to touch this, as it has a lot of problems to solve.

One is the water problem that I have been working on all along.  If you dig a well out there, you could easily spend thousands of dollars and not end up with fresh water anyway.  My idea is to check for the natural flow of water, as it drains from higher places and runs downhill, and then dig a tank area that will naturally fill up when there is enough rainfall.  Each time it fills up, pump it out and store the water.  The water can be treated so that it can be used for various things, but perhaps not drinking water.  The problem here is that it will take a lot of concrete and a lot of digging in order to make a potential tank feasible.  However, if there is sufficient water in it, it may hold thousands of gallons of water at a time.  There are tanks out there that use this tactic, but these tanks require work to keep them from silting up.

Basically, the problem here is that there needs to be some heavy machinery to dig out the tanks, and then to pour the concete.  The same would be true for the foundation and for the septic tank.

For drinking water, you could consider the ones that can obtain water from the atmosphere.  They will condense water out the air itself.  These may not always work, however, and the machines aren't cheap.

You could distill a gallon of water per day.  This requires considerable electricity if you go that route, but it may not be necessary.  Perhaps a way to do it can be found using solar power.  I'm thinking of one of  Greenpower sciences' devices I have watched on their website.  It will concentrate the solar power into a spot that will be hot enough to boil off the water which will be condensed back into distilled water.

I'd love to try solutions like this, but they all cost money, and I don't have enough.  Therefore, I am thinking of the possibility of getting some help from these people.

To build the cabin, it will probably need to ascertained as to where the rock layer is.  If it is way down there, then sinking a pylon down to it will probably be too much money.  Aside from that, you may have to sink it down into the sand and hope for the best.  That may not pass muster, you know.

I'm told a septic tank could run up to 10k bucks or more.  That would be terrible if it were true.  No doubt that I would need help there.

I could ask these folks, but it doesn't mean that I would get it.  Even if I were to solve these problems, I would still need somebody with me.  As I am getting older, I will need more and more help just to get along.  That's something I'm overlooking.  It wou't be possible to do this alone.

If these problems cannot be solved, then it's on to another plan.   This could be the idea of living out of an RV, which would not be so far out in the country.  This may be more realistic, and maybe I should consider it instead.  Unfortunately, this could have its problems too, but at least it isn't as daunting as what I seemed to have undertaken with the ranch.  As daunting as that is, i'd still like to try it.  But I cannot do it alone.  That is the bottom line.  That's what makes it a "moonshot".


The link provided only gets you back to a search tool, and that search tool doesn't want to put up what it did yesterday.   Screw this idea.  I already don't like them.

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