Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day

Whaddaya know?  Another day has gone and snuck up on me.  But no need for me to worry about this one, lol.

Thinking long and thinking hard cuz time is running out.  I gotta get outta here by the end of March, and that is only about six more weeks.

This may not seem like one of my off-the-grid posts, but it is now.  Most of today has been spent getting my stuff together.  The plan now is to build the cabin, install a septic tank ( doggone it ), build a carport next to it, and run back and forth between El Paso and the hacienda.  The car will come with me, which will save on storage space.  That's what having the septic tank will do for me.  I can't get around that one.

So, I've been looking up all the RV joints in the El Paso area.  I plan on parking in one of those and "boondocking" while in the city.  You can do that for a few days at a time, then you have to go.  I'll do that for maybe a week at a time, then head back to the hacienda.

It's a plan.  I think it could work, but plans have a way of not working.

BTW, Happy Valentines Day, ya'll.

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