Tuesday, February 16, 2016


For the last couple hours, I have been getting caught up on the political stuff.  I can help the feeling that we may well end up with an establishment candidate because people will not coalesce around anyone else.

Which mean Bush or Rubio gets the nomination.  Something similar could be playing out in the Democrat race.  Clinton could get the nomination in spite of everything.

For all the talk about the insurgency, such an outcome will have to be considered a huge disappointment.  What it could really mean is that the majority of the people cannot govern themselves, and will have to be governed by an elite.

I repeat that I will not vote for a Bush nor a Rubio.

As for Trump, he is an insurgent candidate in a party that is becoming irrelevant.

One article asks, would you prefer that Trump pick the next Supreme Court justice?

What is the point of that unless you think that an establishment candidate will win?   In other words, what makes you think that the type of guy who has lost the last two races is going to win this one?

Nobody has their thinking caps on, it seems.

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