Saturday, February 20, 2016

Long and the short of it, part 3

It is getting late in the afternoon here.  As I have written a couple of long posts, which are not my usual thing, I embark upon yet another post.  Perhaps this one will be long.  I don't know.

The posts got political.  Yes, we are in an election year.  It is time to choose our leaders for the next few years.  This is of importance for our future.  This is how we have done things in this country for the last couple hundred years.  What I fear is that time may be coming to an end.  Reason being that things are in far worse shape than most people may know.

Because the posts have been political, it may be considered suspect in terms of truth.  One thing that I will try my darndest to not do is to deceive anyone.  My purpose here is not to do that, but the opposite.  I hope I am doing that.  If I am not, then I am failing.  If I am, I have to look at myself and understand why I am failing, and try to communicate my understanding of that to you, the audience.

As for audience, there are but a few who come here.  This blog has not gotten much attention out there, which again, I regret.  I don't know what I can do about that, but to try a little harder.  But trying harder may not be enough, if that which is against you is not against because you are wrong, but because you are right.  If you are right, then they are against you because they fear you.

Fear little old me?  Let me tell you.  If there was anybody to fear, it isn't me.  I never hurt anyone.  Unless it is your snowlflakey little feelings.  Obviously, I am not into self esteem, as it is likely taught today.  That's what "snowflake" is about.  People need to earn their self esteem.  They are not entitled to it, nor to anythng else that which they do not earn.   All too often today, people seem to think that they are entitled to that which they have not earned.

So, I start off with some inspiration about courage as it pertains to leadership.  I am trying to enlighten some of you.  At least some of you out there who will pay attention.  But in doing so, you may notice something.  What am I criticizing if it is not my own self?  Indeed I am.  If there is anything to the statement "to know one is to be one yourself", then I know what cowardice is.  I have lived that kind of life, let me tell you.  And yes, I am sick to death of it.  I am sick of disrespect that accrues to you even if you are falsely perceived as being less than adequate in the toughness department.

I don't believe that I am a "pussy".  I will fight.  I have fought, and frankly, have lost almost all my fights.  No, I am not good with my fists.  I am not good at fighting.  But anybody can fight.   What seemed important to some close to me in those days was that I lost.  Not that I had enough guts to stick up for myself and fight back.  I fought back even when I lost the fight.  But never mind that.  That makes me out to be more than I am.  I will not portray myself as someone greater than what I am.  I am merely what I said that I am.  An old cowbody who is trying hard not to fall out of his saddle.  That is all I am.  I am not running for office.   Merely trying to help sort out the wheat from the chaff.   Merely trying to understand what has happened to our culture and our country, and to do something constructive about it.

So, I wonder.  Do people not take what I say as something worthy of consideration merely because I am perceived as a hypocrite?  Or someone who is weak and cowardly, not worthy of listening to?

If you think that way, you may be making a mistake.  Even a crazy person can tell you something of value.  There is this story of a crazy woman who was married to a spy.  She told people that her husband was a spy, but because she was crazy, nobody paid attention to her.  If people had listened, a dangerous spy would have been caught, and the damage done might have been limited.  That is a true story, you people.

I think all too often, people listen to the "big guy" simply because he is big.  Take Limbaugh for example.  He is probably out there thiking that people who challenge him anonymously like I am doing are too chickenhearted to go after him personally.  If anybody like him thinks that way, then come here and challenge me, and find out for yourself.  No, I don't think I am too chicken to go after him.  I think he will not hear me out fairly if I did.  For there is something false about him.   He thinks he is of high character, but I am not so sure.

I am after the Limbaughs out there.  I think Limbaugh is a sell out.  He talks a good game, that is for sure.  People listen to him, but what good is there when he says something and there is nothing behind it?

Like I pointed out in the Lady Gaga post.  It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing.  The swing meaning courage.  Nothing about Limbaugh says means anything because he doesn't back it up.  He is afraid of losing his radio program.

Look, he may well lose his radio program if he uses it for activism.  But he said he used to do Rush to Excellence tours.   If he isn't doing these anymore, then what is stopping him?  Somebody told him to shut up or else they will run him off the air?

Rush used to also say that he is in the relentless pursuit of the truth.  Really?  I am not so sure of that.  I think he is relentless pursuit of advantage for himself.  If he comes across the truth, if it hurts him, he will shut up.  He said that himself when it came to doing his caller abortion segments.  He let them shut him up over this. 

Rush doesn't have it anymore.  He may never have really had it at all.  He was good when he was new, but what is doing now?  Why should anybody listen to him now?

But a lot of people do listen to him.  He endorses Cruz, which may be a sell out again.  Does Limbaugh really believe that Cruz is Reagan?  No. He had to say it because the so called conservatives are the only ones listening to him now.  He has to say it in order to keep what audience he has.  He won't bite the bullet and tell the truth.

Cruz is not Reagan.  Reagan had command of the media.  Trump is more like Reagan than Cruz ever thought about being.  Limbaugh ain't dumb.  But Limbaugh is talking ideology.  But Reagan wasn't ideological.  Reagan believed in America, but that doesn't make you ideological.  Reagan was conservative all right, but something was behind it.  Reagan really believed in it.  That means his immortal soul was behind it.  Yes, Reagan did believe in that.  I am sure he believed that we all have a spirit and an immortal soul.  Does Limbaugh, or is it just a prop to make money off the gullible who are easily deceived?

Limbaugh is on my fecal roster.  He has something to prove in order to get off of it.  Maybe the Limbaughs of this world don't care about what little guys like me think, but little guys like me make the show run.  If the little guys got the idea that Limbaugh was a fake, his show would be over.

I think Limbaugh is a fake.  Just sayin'

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