Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Not going to meet deadlines

All of this breakneck pace in order to meet the deadline.  Well, it is time to stop worrying about it.  It is not going to be made.  Okay, that is a load off my mind, so what is next?

Stay here or go?  Want to go.  Staying here means spending ten grand on rent for the next year.  If I can get set up on the ranch, it eliminates that idiocy.  Those who think I make a mistake do not consider the waste of spending money on rent.  If only I can get out of that bind.  This is a chance to do that.

So, if I cannot get situated there in time, I can still move to an apartment in ELP.   If I am going to waste money, at least it will not leave me powerless in the meantime.  I cannot get situated there if I am here.

The rest involves solving the problems out there.   Cannot solve them here.

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