Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Iran deal discussion

Something that may have been forgotten is that there was a report put out while Bush was in office that claimed that Iran wasn't pursuing nuclear weapons.  Obviously, this was meant to restrain Bush.  But even more obvious now is that the report was false.  In other words, the opposition lied, and this invariably led to the debacle that is now unfolding.

Yes, this agreement is a debacle.  Long standing US goals and policies have now been thrown under the bus in order to avoid actually confronting Iran about its intentions.  Consequently, Iran will get the bomb, and not only that, but will be rewarded for it.  There is little wonder then that their rhetoric hasn't changed.  There most likely will be war in the future and it will be more on Iran's terms than if there were one now, or even more so in the Bush Administration.  You can't talk yourselves out of this one, and the Iranians know this because this is their strategy.  They are making us fight them or surrender.  So, which shall it be?

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