Monday, September 7, 2015

Brave New World discussion

It must be getting a bit repetitive for me to bring this up.  However, I was watching this video again, and I noted something that struck me.

John heard a commotion, and some women were beating up his mother, Linda.  She was having intercourse with their husbands and they were punishing her for her promiscuity.  Linda did not understand because she was raised to be promiscuous in the "civilized world".   John reprimands her too, but she interrupts him and asks him to say "something nice" to her.

Two things, there.  One is the amorality of the "civilized world", with its preoccupation with sex.  Second, was her inability and unwillingness to accept the unpleasant.  This has its counterpart in our own society with the "sexual revolution" and the demand that everyone be nice all the time.

Nobody is interested in the truth today.  We are living in some ways, the Brave New World paradigm.  Nobody wants to face the unpleasant facts and, instead, insists on dwelling upon the "nice" even though the nice hasn't got anything to do with the truth of a situation.

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