Monday, September 7, 2015

Obligatory, 9/7/15

Today is Labor Day.  In order to honor the holiday, I will work like any other day.  Ha, ha.

I guess the joke is on me.

Anyway, one thing about today's conditions:  money is getting tighter and tighter.  I don't need to consult government stats, I only need to look at MY stats.  These past 6 years have been tough from the financial point of view.  Things may not be getting any better, either.

This computer I'm using is over 6 years old.  That's longer than what I usually keep one as my primary machine.  It's showing its age, too.  It's getting harder and harder to use it.  Slow.

I replaced it two years ago with a tablet, but I rarely use it.  The tablet was to use a bluetooth wireless keyboard, but it doesn't work worth a flip.

The thought I had this morning, which got slowed down by the computer, is that Europe is like a dead man walking.  I even had a post like that.  If you had any doubts, then that business with the refugees should clinch it.  Europe cannot survive the way it is going.  Neither can we here in the US.

What's killing Western Civ?  If you peel away all the BS, you probably get down to the root of it all, which is self hatred.  The culture that has advanced the world to its current point does not even respect itself anymore.  If it did, it would defend itself against the invasion.  It would defend its history and its identity.  Indeed, it would be proud of its accomplishments and would be determined to carry on with its culture forever more.  But that's not happening because Europe has lost respect for itself.

Across the pond, over here, the Democrats fall all over themselves in admiring the Death Cult in Europe, and has adopted it as its own.  That's how we got Hussein.

Where does it all lead to?  Not a very good place unless the course is changed and very soon.

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