Wednesday, September 9, 2015

More AGW discussion

Aren't you just loving it?  Bwah, hah, hah!

Let's start off with some basic chemistry.  There are approximately 22.4 liters of any gas in a mole.  A mole is defined as roughly as 6.02x10 to the 23rd power of molecules or atoms.  Every gas has that many molecules in one mole of it at standard temperature and pressure.  ( Let's say room temperature and sea level atmospheric pressure).  Therefore, you could measure off 22.4 liters of the Earth's atmosphere and get one mole of atmospheric gas containing the said number of molecules.  The molecules would be of different gases, but the total number would add up to 1 mole of gas.

Carbon dioxide is said to be 400 parts per million roughly speaking.  To render that into a proportional volume, take 4e-4 and multiply it times the 22.4 liter number.  You get about 9 milliliters of carbon dioxide gas out of a container about as big as a 5 gallon fuel tank.  A milliliter is 1/1000th of a liter.  Therefore, the amount in a container would be a cube a little over 2 millimeters centimeters in size.  Pretty doggone small!  A centimeter, which is about a half inch, has 10 millimeters.  I'm guessing the thing is about as big as a pencil eraser.  Probably a well worn pencil eraser!

It is claimed that that little bitty amount of carbon dioxide is going to warm up that big container full of gas so much that it will be hazardous.  It is claimed that all the energy from the sun will go to that little cube and stay there long enough to heat up the big container overnight when the sun isn't shining.  It would have to be pretty hot, wouldn't you say?  How is that possible?  Also, whenever any gas gets really hot, it will expand greatly and give off its heat.  But, somehow, carbon dioxide won't do that.  Carbon dioxide must be some kind of magical substance.

Another thing.  It is claimed that the carbon dioxide is going into the oceans.  How is that possible if the Earth is warming up?  Higher temperatures makes the absorption of carbon dioxide less likely in water, not the other way around.  Like soda pop, the carbon dioxide needs to stay cool in order to remain in the water. Seems like a discrepancy, doesn't it?

If you are a believer in AGW, aren't you getting a little uneasy about now?

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