Saturday, September 12, 2015

Obligatory, 9/12/15

Well, it's Saturday.  It has occurred to me that I haven't spent enough time on my education for the trip out west.

With that in mind, I reviewed one of the most recent posts on the subject, and updated it.

A short review of the table of contents reveals that the food subseries gets the most pageviews.  Yet, in terms of what I need to do, I spend most of my time on the construction subseries, which doesn't get as much interest.  You know, you have to build the doggone thing before you can use it in order to grow food.


No working today.  Will stay around the joint and do some other stuff that needs doing.  By the way, some thought on the aquaponics set up--- no way to do this.  It's too elaborate to be worthwhile.  However, it may be useful to keep a spirulina set up onboard the van, as well as an earthworm set up.

Another idea I had was to use shipping wrap instead of the greenhouse plastic sheeting.  The shipping wrap is really easy to use and can be disposed of every season without too much cost ( I hope).  The question is its durability, but it can be wrapped with more material if need be.


Is it worthwhile to raise catfish on "da ranch"?  This is the point of the earthworm and/or crickets.  These could feed the catfish ( or chickens).  What I worry about is leaving them for a week or more.  A week is a long time and a lot can go wrong.  By the time you get back to them, they could be dead.  That wouldn't be good.  It may be better to do that as a later project when I am more established out there.

The earthworm castings can be sold for profit ( hopefully).

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