Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Brave New World equals New World Order

The New World Order is what those on the so-called far right seem to be so afraid of.  Or it is just a catch phrase that is meant to scare people.

Brave New World is a paradigm from a book.  It has come to my attention that there seem to be some parallels, provided that the New World Order is the way I understand it to be.  It is:
  • The breakdown of the nation state--- no borders anymore
  • The replacement of religion with the secular religion of the megastate
  • It is all being done in the name of peace and happiness
  • Truth is suppressed, dissent is punished
  • Full scale disarmament, meaning nobody owns weapons, only the megastate can use force
  • The super wealthy run everything, but enforce equality upon everyone else and call that utopia
The Brave New World is just another Roman Empire.  We are to have a Pax Romana once again.

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