Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Quick post before I go, 9/8/15

Do you consider yourself to be a rational person?

Then, what is rational, considering the following two scenarios?  To wit:
  1. A man claims to have seen something which only be considered as impossible, to which is labeled thenceforth amongst others as being supernatural.  This man is threatened with death if he does not recant his story, but he refuses, and is put to death.  Is it rational to believe him or his executioners?
  2. There are those who claim a scientific theory, but will not allow debate on it, will punish those who disagree, and cannot prove their claims beyond all reasonable doubt.  Indeed, the very substance of their claim is highly questionable.  Almost as questionable as is the example above.  Do you find that to be a reasonable position to take, or the opposition to that position?
The point?  That is left as an exercise.  A pop quiz will be held later.


The point is that people aren't rational even if they think they are.  Especially those who are especially proud of their notion of rationalism.

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