Sunday, September 6, 2015

Emission free car

Maybe it could pass the California rules so it can be called a Zero Emission vehicle.  The ammonia would be stored in a very strong, thick steel tank.  Even if it were hit by a big truck, it would survive.  You wouldn't need a whole lot of ammonia in order to get it to extend the range of a hybridized Stirling electric vehicle.

The Stirling Engine needs only to be about 25 kw or so.  This would enable it to supply the vehicle with enough power to cruise down the highway.  Otherwise, the battery will power it.  The concept is a lot like the Chevy Volt concept, but it wouldn't use an internal combustion engine.

The system to produce the ammonia would be a closed loop system except for the hydrogen, which would be obtained from heating fossil fuels up so that it would release it.  The system could use any hydrocarbon source, including coal.


Such a system can be built with existing technology.  The fact that it isn't means that those who claim to want zero emissions don't really mean what they say.  Their motivation isn't to improve the ecology, but to accomplish something else.

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